Article of the day

A great article for the day from @Hunterwalk on twitter on why Captain America would make a good Product Manager. I tend to agree he would be a good IT Manager as well if you ignore the vacuum tube electronics knowledge (though I have worked with a few IT Managers like that.) The problem in […]

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Here we go again — Facebook users want to ward off Mark Zuckerberg and his friends by posting random legal mumbo jumbo on their profile. This is ridiculous. Stop it. In case you missed it, an old hoax has resurfaced that suggests Facebook (s fb) users can tell the company what…


“The main thing is always to have a plan, even if its not the best plan, it is better than being unprepared” “I don’t care a damn for your loyal service when you think I am right; when I really want it most is when you think I am wrong. ” – General Sir John Monash, […]

Microsoft Surface Review

Microsoft Surface Review Introduction I’ve been watching Microsoft Windows 8 since the start of the year.  The idea of combining the desktop experience with a touch environment has been something compelling and I have been hopeful that it would give a way to integrate the tablet as a technology piece into the corporate environment. I […]

Left and right of arc

In the army, when you establish a fighting position one of the key tasks for the Corporal responsible for a body of troops is to establish a left and right of arc.  This means for each person in the group the Corporal will look at their position and designate the areas that they can shoot […]