AOTD: Why being a CIO might be a bad thing.

Great article this morning from IT News on when being a CIO is a bad thing.  Personally making it to CIO is one of my goals, but we adopt an approach locally that if we are going to promote someone into a role, we want them to be able to move into a Coca Cola or CBA at the same level.  That means that the duties that they perform are comparative in function and they have a well defined understanding of their value proposition to the business.  So that in mind even if the suggestion was made that my current role would be CIO rather than GM I would be suggesting that the CIO is my boss in the US, not a role that could be run out of the local office. Something to keep in mind as you are developing your career, just because you call yourself Senior Vice President of Guest relations if your resume lists the duties of a receptionist you shouldn’t be expecting anyone to fall for it.,a-cio-in-name-only.aspx


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