AOTD: Are you mad at me?

Unfortunately life has been busy of late which has meant less time for reading and learning and less time for posting on Back of a Coaster.  I found this article this morning though and no matter what level you lead at, the lessons in it are valuable. Adam Bryant (@nytcorneroffice) has done a great job of summarizing a  key learning that many leaders are not aware of.

I especially like the reference to Linda Hudson

“I was the first female president of the General Dynamics Corporation, and I went out and bought my new fancy suits to wear to work and so on. And I’m at work on my very first day, and a lady at Nordstrom’s had showed me how to tie a scarf in a very unusual kind of way for my new suit. And I go to work and wear my suit, and I have my first day at work. And then I come back to work the next day, and I run into no fewer than a dozen women in the organization who have on scarves tied exactly like mine.”–are-you-mad-at-me?trk=li_fb_0613_adambryant_areyoumad&sf13503000=1


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