“The Back of a Coaster” is the start of my attempts to be a better leader and to share my experience along the way.  I am a General Manager of IT for an accommodation business, a PRINCE2 Practicioner and am half way through my second decades experience in Corporate IT.  I’m lucky today in that I have an excellent relationship with management extending down from the Managing Director and the head of HR.  IT is a respected part of the business and is given the tools and support that it needs to help the business succeed.  We are also treated as a partner in the experience.

The IT department has a  multi-million dollar budget and I am very lucky to lead a team of talented and intelligent people from a wide range of backgrounds.  I spent some time in the military when I was younger and this has influenced a number of my views on leadership and management.  Not all my experiences have been positive and a number of my former managers have been caricatures for poor leadership. Many of us learn through ‘cautionary tales’ along the way and this blog tries to contrast those negatives with the positives.

Despite having had exposure to all the theory along the way and working under some very good and some very bad leaders, applying it has been a challenge.  A number of people would tell you that what I know about leadership would fit “on the back of a coaster” hence the name and as it happens now they are right.  I wanted somewhere easy to share my journey so I am hoping this page will serve as that medium.  I hope my insights will prove useful to someone.

You can also find me on twitter @danshu77 where I maintain my professional commentary on the technology industry


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