Becoming a Manager

Well its that time of year again.  Time for Performance reviews and KPI’s and Objectives for the year ahead.  I have 2 team members this year angling for Management positions in their respective departments.  I started to think about this and how I was going to make the process meaningful rather than just handing out […]

Microsoft Surface Review

Microsoft Surface Review Introduction I’ve been watching Microsoft Windows 8 since the start of the year.  The idea of combining the desktop experience with a touch environment has been something compelling and I have been hopeful that it would give a way to integrate the tablet as a technology piece into the corporate environment. I […]

Getting out in the field

One of the factors that comes into play quite often in managing techs is the requirement to actually have some idea of what you are talking about. Last week I spoke about asking dumb questions.  As a manager there’s a responsibility that you have to your staff to provide guidance and leadership and act as a role […]